Music video: Perfume serve goth "Relax in the city" in "Mugen mirai"

When Perfume announce singles these days I'm just skeptical. Because I can't remember the last single these girls released that I wholeheartedly thought was hot.

"Mugen mirai" is the same shit that we've been getting from Perfume over the past year, which is an indulgent Nakata just tossing Perfume's sound into the EDM chamber and leaving it there to rot. Perfume going EDM is not a surprise. Their sound was always going to head there. But it shouldn't STILL be there. Perfume's management need to grow back bones and fix this shit. And so do the girls. Because I know damn well they can't be cool with these whack songs. They barely liked the shit they were given back when it was actually poppin'.

This shit was just boring. The shots were nice. Even the outfits were kinda nice. But we've seen this from Perfume before. The "Mugen mirai" video is "Relax in the city" in "Flash" outfits, but with the gaucho pants replaced by skirts and sheer fabric.

There was nothing captivating about this video. There was no pay off. No one element of this video did enough to really anchor or cement it. It felt like an anybody video and was void of the creativity that you'd expect from Perfume. The whole block shit towards the end was cool, but it came too late in the video and looked too much like an after thought, when it should have been a focal point of the video and that special thing that mind fucks you in the way a Perfume video should.

"Mugen mirai" has a nice routine which looks infinitely better during live performances without the distractions of lens flares, hair and fabric blowing everywhere, killing the clean lines of Perfume's moves. Skip the music video and check out the live performances instead. They do the song and the routine a much better justice than this dead ass video does.

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