Music video: Todrick Hall whips his Unicorn weave with RuPaul in "Dem beatz"

Todrick Hall featuring RuPaul - Dem beatz | Random J Pop

I have a like / hate relationship with Todrick Hall. One hand, I'm like 'I just cannot'. But I admire his hustle and that with no major label behind him, he's managed to play leading roles in Broadway musicals, be a re-occurring part of RuPauls' drag race and put out some pretty decent music videos. Then of course is the direct acknowledgement from the likes of Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, the latter of whom had Todrick appear in her music video and is now a genuine friend. The dude is winning. I can hate. I certainly have done. But he's winning ya'll.

Todrick has released his debut album Forbidden and with it, a couple of singles. This one in particular is a pretty generic House song, but I'll be fucking damned if the chorus doesn't make me squat 'n' pop dat thang.

Come thru music video budget. COME. THRU.

What draws me to this song more than anything is my lust for wishing I could hear Namie Amuro on it. Seriously. My like for this song involves that much of a reach.

Maybe Namie's retirement has me in all kinds of states of wishful thinking. But when I listen to this song I can't help but hear Namie on it. Her EDM focused songs had become such a staple for her that she managed to own that space and the sound, even if many of her fans hated it.

There's just something about this song where I can very easily imagine Namie singing / rapping over it and giving me dead bitch faced choreography in a music video.