Music video: Brandy sings us under the cradle in "Lullaby" courtesy of Todrick Hall

Todrick Hall featuring Brandy - Lullaby | Random J Pop

Even when Brandy actually has something out these days (and by these days I mean since 2002), shit is quiet on all lacefronts. But in her down time it's like she barely exists. So imagine my surprise during my YouTube trawl and coming across a visual album from Todrick Hall, when I see Brandy in what was not just a cameo, BUT A FULL BLOWN ASS MUSIC VIDEO WITH A SONG SUNG ENTIRELY BY BRANDY! I have to give Todrick Hall a round of applause. Because his ass knew to just give Brandy the whole damn 4 minutes and 40 seconds of the song.

Now, in retrospect, I'm not the biggest fan of Brandy's Human album, nor its follow up Two eleven, neither of which have aged particularly well; all the while Never say never, Full moon and Afrodisiac stay sounding fresh as fuck. Both albums felt like dilutions of the Brandy that I grew to love over the years. So it's nice to hear a song which is literally nothing but Brandy serving vocals, harmonies and layers to a degree that no one else in the game can.

After Two eleven and that "Begging and pleading" mess, I was kinda done with Brandy. But this right here has me wanting a new album. I won't get it. But, whatever.