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Crystal Kay - For you | Random J Pop

Crystal's Kay will be releasing her twelfth studio album For you on June 12th and I'm feeling a mix of emotions right now. I'm feeling glad, because Crystal still has a career despite the flops and lack of wide mainstream commercial success that her peers have had and even in those moment, her peers were struggling. But I'm feeling anxious that this album is not going to be what I want it to be, following on from Shine (which I couldn't stand) and a string of singles which haven't done a damn thing for me.

Crystal is on a path of doing what works for her commercially, which unfortunately for me is tepid ass mid-tempo's which are far removed from the vibe and style that made me fall in love with her music in the first place. Phoned in production, watered down vocal arrangements, barely a music video, forgettable nonsense.

Yes. I'm a bit pressed. But to have Crystal fall off with her 2010 album Spin the music and then bounce back in such a fashion with its follow-up Vivid, only to regress back into an in-cohesive album of sounds with her signature style stripped out will do that to a brotha.

Crystal Kay - For you | Random J Pop

The album cover is pedestrian. Just like her damn music. But she looks nice on it. The text placement is odd though. It would have been better to have had it overlaid on top of her instead of behind her. And to have her name featured again and have the album title be so small that it's barely readable just makes no sense. I could be shady and say that this lacklustre album cover and odd text placement is a sign of how this album will sound, but I won't. Because I'm trying to stay positive and supportive, even though I know my ass is 'bout to be let down come June 13th when this Summer version of Shine drops.

  1. Shiawase tte | 幸せって
  2. Watashitachi | わたしたち
  3. I just wanna fly
  4. Talk to me
  5. Summer fever
  6. Can't stop me
  7. Forever young
  8. Lovin' you
  9. Faces
  10. Sakura | サクラ
  11. Waiting for you
That back-end of the album will not get played. I like "Waiting for you", but I just can't with that rubbish single heavy back-end. So I'm literally pinning hopes to 5 songs being not just good, but absolute fire to compensate. What are the odds? *Rolls eyes*

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