Random J Pop playlist: Slaykaru Queentada (The essential gay Hikaru Utada playlist)

Random J Pop playlist: Slaykaru Queentada | Random J Pop

When "Tomodachi" first surfaced with a televised live performance, the Japanese Queen of the gays Ayumi Hamasaki felt a disturbance in the gay force. Hikaru not only silently rose to take up the mantle with a song about a gay unrequited love, but seemingly implied via the classiest drag to a Twitter user trying to call her out for appropriation, that she may have possibly dined on fish fillet, or at the very least that she's not against it.

Back then in 2016, I joked about the gays™ fixing a playlist in the wake of this revelation which featured all of Hikaru's gayest ass songs. But with her discography now available on streaming services such as Spotify, I've gone right ahead and made that shit, because I had time this week.

🎧 Listen on Spotify: Slaykaru Queentada

Please note, that Hikaru Utada's second English language studio album This is the one isn't available on Spotify globally. So depending on which region you're streaming the playlist from, you may not be able to play these songs.