Hikaru Utada phones in another GarageBand beat to Suntory with "Play a love song"

Hikaru Utada - Play a love song | Random J Pop

Whilst many of us are hustling and working jobs that we can't stand, to earn money that gets wiped out for rent and mortgages the second it hits the account, Hikaru Utada is getting paid money to walk around with a bottle of water. All she has to do to cash the cheque is phone in some beat on GarageBand.

As has been the case with her past two bottled water commercials, the visuals serve a whole entire mood, but feature a song which is as basic as the bottle of water being advertised.

Gurl. You know I love you. But your music has two vibes.

  • Rich, textured and layered
  • My first GarageBand beat 

"Michi", "Oozoroa no dakishimete" and "Play me a love song" all fall into the latter and I just cannot.

"Play me a love song" is the better of the three aforementioned songs. I like it. But that production needed work. The melody is nice. The chorus is catchy. The choir at the end is a really nice touch, but it sounds strange because the warm textures of the choir sit oddly over a beat that feels a little so cold and unrefined. Fuck a love song. Play me something with tight production.


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