Ariana Grande debuts new song "The light is coming" at Wango Tango 2018

Ariana Grande - The light is coming @ Wang Tango 2018 [Photo credit:] | Random J Pop

I'm over "No tears left to cry". I was over it the day it dropped. But was still kinda looking forward to Ariana's new album, as over the course of Dangerous woman's run, Ariana started to navigate her way into looks that suited her and a sound that was hers. But the reveal of the Pharrell Williams produced "The light is coming" has got me needing to hear this shit in full NOW and wanting that new album to drop.

"The light is coming" sounds like some straight N.E.R.D shit that I was not expecting Pharrell to give Ariana, so my interest is piqued to hear what else he gave her. Pharrell's productions have been seriously hit and miss over the past few years. He disappointed the shit out of me with Justin's Man of the woods album. So I'm hoping he redeems himself with Ariana's set. Redemption which could be instantly be attained if he gives Ariana "Hide"; the banger that was recorded by Cassie in 2010 and has been criminally sat on ever since.

Ariana's fourth studio album still has no release date, but we know that it's coming and that the production on the project is split between Max Martin and Pharrell Williams and that it features Nicki Minaj and Missy Elliott. The album will be made available for pre-order on June 20th and those that pre-order the album will receive a complimentary download of "The light is coming". So based on this, the earliest that we'll get this album is July. And until we get an official album cover with the title on it, I'm on stand-by for the album title to change from the previously announced Sweetener. Never forget Moonlight ya'll. Never forget.