Music video: Beyoncé and Jay-Z go "Apeshit" in the Louvre

The Carters - Apeshit | Random J Pop

Once again, Beyoncé dropped new music with no warning and no pre-awareness. The new music is what is being coined as a joint album with her husband Jay-Z under the The Carters. But it's pretty much Beyoncé featuring Jay-Z.

The ridonkulously rich couple debuted the album on the second night of their London stop of their On the run II tour. At the end of their show, Beyoncé announced that she and her cheating ass husband had created something special for fans, before screening the video to a brand new song "Apeshit", which ended with ALBUM OUT NOW across the screen.

Beyoncé had the nerve to perform in London for 2 whole days and then peace out with a new video with a new song and 9 tracks of new material as she's boarding a flight to the Netherlands.

At this point, I'm convinced that Beyoncé didn't name Blue Ivy after some tree on some island. She named that little girl after an Infinity stone. Because Thanyoncé snapped those fingers and took half the wigs in the London stadium.

Thanyoncé (by Random J / ?J) | Random J Pop

Jay-Z couldn't even give Nas 24 hours to catch those sales for his comeback album that dropped on the Friday, and Beyoncé couldn't even give Christina the weekend. Although in Beyoncé's defence, she probably had no idea Christina was still trying it with music.

When you're one of the richest celebrity couples in the game who have made careers out of delivering iconic visuals over the years, there's a certain expectation that folk will have for your fully blown debut as a couple. So of course they went and shot their music video in the Louvre.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are out here showing the world that they have a different level of money. That 'we rented out the whole entire Louvre' money. Can't nobody even get a good view of the Mona Lisa without a phone, somebody's arm or a selfie stick in the way, unless they're security or cleaning staff. And here Beyoncé and Jay-Z are, not even looking at the bitch and having their dancers fix their hair in front of it.

Flabbergastment at them renting the Louvre aside, this is a gorgeously shot video that shows the Louvre and its art off beautifully. It's easy to be blind-sighted by the 'THEY REALLY BOOKED OUT THE LOUVRE BITCH'. But Beyoncé and Jay-Z in the Louvre being unapologetically black, with black dancers in front off Eurocentric pieces of priceless art and being art themselves in one of the most famous and prestigious museums in the world and a predominantly white space, is powerful.

I shudder to think how much it must have cost to rent the whole of the Louvre and how little time they must have had to shoot this video. This wasn't some small scale production. This video had lighting in the damn Louvre. Extras in the damn Louvre. Dancing in the damn Louvre. Beyoncé featuring Jay-Z in about 5 looks each in the damn Louvre. Shout outs to the production team who pulled this together, because it must have been a mini military operation. A behind the scenes would be great. But this is Beyoncé, so we ain't getting shit.

I wasn't keen on the song at first, but its growing on me. One thing's for sure, the beats goes fucking hard. Finding out that "Apeshit" was produced by Pharrell Williams shocked me more than the surprise drop of the song itself. I never would have guessed that he had produced it, as it's far from being a distinguishable Pharrell or Neptunes production. Pharrell seems to be knee deep in Trap at the moment and shows now signs of wading his way out of it anytime soon. I miss the old Neptunes sound, but that's a rant for another post.