Music video: Is Katie's "Remember" a promo for her song or Yeezy season 3?

Music video: Katie - Remember | Random J Pop

You'd think YG entertainment would be trying to do something to get CL's shit off the ground. But nope. They're out here giving new girl on the block Katie airtime from their official YouTube channel, even though she's no longer signed to them, with a song and a visual that would have worked for CL. But then again, most things would work for CL. She just has that swag to make everything work. Everything but her solo career.

But back to Katie. Her trippy R&B bop "Remember" is nice and current, without it sounding like its biting another song or artists' vibe. Although I'm on stand-by for somebody to link a video in the comments that "Remember" is a complete rip off of.

I was all about the visuals, until the music video suddenly turned into a Yeezy clothing line commercial. The whole post apocalyptic, 'lemme just layer 7 different items of clothing in brown, rust and beige whilst walking around on a giant cube' that we got half way through this video was literally Kanye West's Yeezy season 3 presentation from back in 2016.