Music video: Rina Sawayama drops an i-D magazine and Nicola Formichetti assisted video for "Ordinary superstar"

Music video: Rina Sawayama - Ordinary superstar | Random J Pop

Rina has been a low key weave piece thief for a hot minute, dropping bops for the past few years and then collecting full head caps with her debut EP RINA at the tail end of last year.

Whilst most artists move onto the next mere minutes after dropping a body of work, Rina is stretching her shit out like a motherfucker.

Her debut EP RINA has been doing the rounds for the best part of a year, which features songs that have been floating around even longer. Yet, here we are with a music video to what (by Internet standards) is an old song. No complaints from me. Rina giving this song a video so late after its initial release gives me hope that we'll get videos to "Take me as I am" and "10-20-40". And bitch, don't think I'm not here wanting a video to "Valentine (What's it gonna be)" as well.

Rina will be heading on tour at the end of the year. There are only a few dates at the moment, most of which are US focused, with one date in London...obviously.

September 12th - Brooklyn, New York @ Elsewhere
September 13th - New York @ Bowery ballroom
September 14th - Chicago, Illinois @ SubT
September 15th - Toronto, Ontario @ Velvet Underground
September 18th - Los Angeles, California @ Teregram
September 20th - San Francisco, California @ Rickshaw Stop
October 19th - London @ Heaven

Rina is not here for Europe. But I imagine once a bitch realises how popular she is or once she gets an LP out, that she'll play gigs in Paris at the very least. Speaking of an LP, Rina is currently working on it. But when it'll see the light of day is anybody's guess. Let's just be thankful that she came through with her EP. "Alterlife" has stayed keeping my edges looking like crop circles since Christmas.

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