Namie Amuro cashes one of her last her Kosé cosmetics cheques

Namie Amuro x Kosé | Random J Pop

As Namie approaches her final day of work, the brands that have contracts with Namie are putting a bitch to work and milking her before steps through the black veil and disappears forever. Because you best believe that when Namie retires, we ain't ever seeing a bitch again.

Namie has a bunch of product tie-in's under her waist cinching corset belt, but one of her most long standing has been with cosmetics brand Kosé, who Namie has been collecting coin from since "Can you celebrate?". So it's only natural that they drop a make-up line which honours a career that they've been there for every step of the way. And also, because they know Namie brings in those sales and that if they push this as a last ever, limited collection, all the shit gon' sell out.

But whilst this collection is cute and sentimental, Namie is not all the way here for it. She gave Kosé some of her time to shoot a commercial for this shit. But when it came to the make-up packaging, Namie deadass told them to go and scan the Feel inlay booklet.

Namie Amuro x Kosé | Random J Pop

Kosé and Namie go so far back, that she'll probably continue to receive monthly deliveries of Kosé make-up for life. Even when a bitch is dead, Kosé will do Namie's make-up for the open casket.