Music video: Janet Jackson gets blickitty black for "Made for now"

Janet Jackson & Daddy Yankee - Made for now | Random J Pop

Lil' Whisper aka Janet Jackson just decided she was going to drop a new single and video out of nowhere like it ain't shit.

"Made for now" is nothing ground breaking or amazing, but I honestly wasn't expecting it to be. Despite the song being far more Afrocentric than anything she's done before, it still feels very much like a Janet song. With Janet being all about positivity and her State of the world tour being all about love, inclusiveness and acceptance - this was always going to be the type of song she came back with. It's safe as fuck, but it works for her and I think it will serve her well commercially. I can definitely foresee this getting a lot of airplay on London radio.

The music video was directed by Dave Meyers who has worked with Janet several times, on her videos for "All for you", "Just a little while", "No sleeep" and "Dammn baby". It's a pretty signature Dave Meyers video. Lots of setups. Bold. Colourful. Quirky. But it lovingly feels like a bunch of Janet's old videos. A little bit of "Together again", a splash of "Escapade", a dash of "Runaway" and hint of "Got 'til it's gone" with its hella blackness. I would have loved to have seen the casting call for this music video. It must have just been 'No white people'. Because I didn't clock nobody in this video lighter than a Fenty beauty pro filt'r shade 330, with the exception of Daddy Yankee himself and two girls who probably only got in because they're one of Janet's personal assistance. And even then, Janet was like 'Gurl, you gon' have to box braid your shit'.

Janet looks amazing in this video. She's been looking all sorts of bomb and fine since her 2015 comeback with Unbreakable. Her current aesthetic seems to be 'let's just layer every damn fabric we can find and make sure we got 7 packs worth of bundles sewn in'. I feel hot just looking at her. If I have more than one layer of clothing on, my body starts heating up. My body...can not. But she looks fucking amazing and kills every single look in this video. The only thing I wish I got more of is Janet dancing.

Janet Jackson will not be releasing an LP anytime soon, but will instead release an EP. When? Fuck knows. Dipping her toe back in with an EP is a good look. Despite her slow surge in re-popularity since her spectacular fall from grace after titty-gate, I can't imagine a 20 track Janet Jackson album selling well in this day and age unless she was really willing to go hard on the promo and I don't think she's really try'na do all that at this point in her life and career. So dropping a little EP with a lil' bit of promo here and there works better for her. It also kills any obligation that she may feel to tour just because there's an album.