Perfume make an attempt on my wig with their debut performance of "Future pop"

Perfume - Future pop | Random J Pop

I've not been wonderfully won over by any of the singles that Perfume have released post Cosmic explorer, but the one thing that I can say is that each song (with the exception of "Tokyo girl") has had a really good routine. And now comes "Future pop" with what has to be my favourite routine of them all. As was the case with "If you wanna", the routine makes me like the song that little bit more.

They really did Nocchi the dirtiest with that outfit. I'mma need an investigation to be taken out on team Perfume, because this disrespect I've seen Nocchi be the victim of for the past 5 years is too much. TOO. MUCH. YA'LL.

It's going to be interesting to see if their upcoming tour manages to work its magic on any of the other album cuts and really sell them to those who are yet to be sold. As much as I'm not in love with the Future pop album, I would love to see Perfume and their team deliver a great show that packages it well. After all, performance plays a huge part of Perfume, and is just as equal to the music.

Perfume's team haven't done the best job of Perfume's last 2 album tours. The LEVEL3 tour was defined by the "Party maker" performance and nothing else. It was an odd tour, with strange pacing, an odd set list and iffy lighting that did no wonders for what was a great stage setup. The Cosmic explorer tour was just lacklustre as a whole. So if we go by trend, the Future pop tour may end up the same way. But, we'll see. The one thing that we all know for sure, is that the outfits will be a type of fuckery.

"Future pop" will also get itself a music video, a preview of which you can watch below. Perfume aren't content with giving us the nasty dresses from the album cover, so we get a new set of nasty ass dresses. "If you wanna", "Mugen mirai" and "Let me know" had semi-decent looks. So for them to go back to this super-sentai foolishness upsets me.

The cool juxtaposition of animation and live action is reminding me of "Mirai no museum". We've yet to have a visual fest of a music video post LEVEL3 that looks cool and has potential to cross over and catch the attention of those outside of the Perfume fandom. But "Future pop" looks like it could be the one.

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