Kumi Koda and Ayumi Hamasaki meet up to play Janken on who gets the Avex budget

Kumi Koda & Ayumi Hamasaki [image courtesy of Ayumi Hamsaki's official Instagram @a.you] | Random J Pop

Budgets at Avex are tight ya'll. Artists aren't given the advances that they used to be given to record albums, which is why Ayu only had enough yen to record an EP and not an LP. And Avex aren't splashing out on music video budgets, which is why it's been a minute since Kumi or Ayu have put out albums which have music videos for each song. This is also why Kumi had to shoot one of her videos on her iPhone in selfie mode and then shoot a video of her wearing party city wigs fresh out of the bags in a hair salon.

Ayu's EP Trouble is...a mess. But she gave us all a gift with this Instagram post, which shows a moment between her and Kumi Koda. She turned the comments off, because a bitch knew.

Chances are they're playing rock, paper, scissors to see how gets the budget to record another music video. Meanwhile, Namie is on a private beach in Fiji with a Birkin full of money and every person on Avex deleted out of her contacts.