Jessie Ware moves from the Glasshouse to a 90s house, with her new song "Overtime"

Jessie Ware - Overtime | Random J Pop

If truth be told, I completely forgot about Jessie Ware. She released her third studio album Glasshouse last year. I'd listened to it multiple times, unsure of how I felt about it, and then she was out of my consciousness. But she's back in it, with "Overtime".

There is no word on if this is an official single from her fourth studio album or when a new album is going to drop. All that Jessie has shared at this point is the song and that she is working on some new stuff. Everything with Jessie is a slow burn. So I wouldn't expect an album until late next year. Especially as she's announced that she is pregnant with her second child.

It's nice to hear Jessie on a house track again. One of my favourite Jessie Ware songs is "Imagine it was us", which featured on the re-release of her debut album back in 2013. So I'm here for the return to house again, which is where Jessie got her breaks back when she was featuring on everybody else's shit. But "Overtime" sounds unfinished and rough, especially in comparison to the rich productions Jessie has given us since her debut. As time has gone on and Jessie's music has become more and more over produced, her vocals have also become stronger. Where she once got a little lost in the over production and vocal reverb on Devotion and Tough love, she stood in the eye of it all on Glasshouse and really showed off the texture and power of her voice. So it's weird to hear her vocals sound so thin and strained on the chorus of this new song of hers.

I love the sound of "Overtime", but not the execution. The production needs tightening all the way up and the chorus needs work. A new album from Jessie is probably a long way off and I can imagine that "Overtime" will be labelled a buzz single. But whatever the fate of this song is destined to be, I hope it's not brushed under the carpet and that I get to hear a revised version of it at some point.