Mariah Carey samples Lil Kim and B.I.G for another kiss off anthem, "A no no"

Mariah Carey - A no no | Random J Pop

Mariah is just playing with her fans right now and having songs drop like she don't give a single fuck about trying to have her shit chart. First she puts out "GTFO" as a little moment for some fun. Then she drops a single which is nice, but not big deal. THEN she just throws out "The distance" like it ain't shit, when it shoulda been a single. AND NOW comes "A no no" which definitely shoulda been a single.

Mariah 'No middle name, but her middle name should be Patricia' Carey is throwing out these new non single cuts like they ain't shit, when they not only should have been full blown singles...but FULL BLOWN SINGLES 4 MONTHS AGO FOR THE SUMMER. And her she is giving them to us in fucking October.

I'm still not over "The distance". But Mariah was like 'Oh, ya'll thought that was a bop!? Roe. Upload this to picosong for mommy real quick and then send the URL to Mariah daily'.

This feels like a late 90s Mariah cut from the vault that went unreleased, and I mean that as the biggest compliment. The Jeff Lorber "Rain dance" / Lil' Kim "Crush on you" sample with B.I.G's vocals. The whole vibe. Mariah's vocals sounding full, strong and stable. YES. BITCH.

I just wish that this actually featured a new verse from Lil' Kim. Every now and then when Mariah samples, she brings on the artists whose song she's sampling. Cameo on "Loverboy". Cam'ron on "Boy (I need you)". So this was the perfect chance to have gotten Lil' Kim on the track and remind everybody that there would be no Nicki or a Cardi without Lil Kim. She doesn't get enough props for the doors she opened for female rappers to push the boundaries of fashion, come out here with titties exposed and own their sexuality. Also, it's been a minute since Mariah had a female guest rapper on any of her songs.