Mariah comes for my edges with her Skrillex and Ty Dolla $ign assisted bop "The distance"

Mariah Carey featuring Ty Dolla $ign - The distance | Random J Pop

Mariah really is not fucking around with this new album and this phase of her career, which feels like a redemption drive thru after the messy as fuck roll out of Memoirs of an imperfect angel and Me. I am Mariah.

The messiness with Mariah's career post The emancipation of Mimi dates back as far as E = MC². It all kick started with a last minute decision to have the safe and generic ass "Touch my body" be a single instead of the Danja and T-Pain assisted banger "Migrate", a ropey ass performance on Good morning America and then the surprise announcement of her marriage to Nick Cannon. So it's nice to finally see Mariah's team have their shit together and are (so far) rolling this album out right.

Mariah's official lead single from her 15th studio album Caution has been out 5 minutes and already  bitch has given us something new to mull over until she drops her Thanksgiving offering on November 16.

I didn't get why Mariah called her album Caution, until this new song dropped. Then I realised Mariah was giving my wig a heads-up.

New song "The distance" is produced by Skrillex and Poo Bear and features Ty Dolla $ign. Let it be fully known that in my post predicting what to expect from this new album, I called it that Ty Dolla $ign would make an appearance, and *Snaps fingers* here we are.

Whilst Skrillex and Mariah seemed like an unlikely combination, his style has changed a hell of a lot over the years from being dubstep and electronic to being a lot more smooth and groove driven. I first got into this new vibe of Skillrex with his work on Ty's single "So am I"; which I honest-to-God was not checking for until I heard it bump in an episode of Insecure. Ty and Skrill are becoming a package deal. It wouldn't surprise me if they dropped a joint EP at some point.

Anyway. Back to Mariah.

"The distance" is a great song. I like "GTFO" and "With you". They're both nice songs, but I'm not running them on repeat. "The distance" on the other hand? Bitch. It's been the only song I've listened to for the past 3 days. I am here for the laid back old skool vibe and how chill the song is from start to finish. It manages to feel wholly familiar, yet fresh and new at the same time. I always love when Mariah sings with her full voice in lower registers and gives me a little swag. It's a real shame Mariah didn't grace us with this earlier on in the year, as this would have made a great Summer single. The only thing I can nitpick about "The distance" is that I wish Ty's verse was a bit longer and there was more of a back and forth between him and Mariah vocally; so that it felt less like they just dropped Ty into the song after Mariah done laid all of her vocals down. Mariah usually weaves her vocals in and around guest features and ad-libs parts of their verses. She was pioneer when it came to making guest raps not feel like cut, drop and paste jobs on her songs. But I guess a bitch was too busy to do all that shit this time around.

I need to know what Mariah plans to do with this song. Because her people should be trying to get this on radio and in the clubs. She also needs to give this song a video. The visual would be nothing but her lying around some house at sunset, but I still need it.

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