Sony's PS4 DUALSHOCK 4 controller reeks of Perfume

Sony's PlayStation 4 DUALSHOCK controller is some "Tokyo girl" looking ass shit | Random J Pop

Sony have released a Berry Blue version of their PlayStation 4 controller. I have no idea why they've released this particular dual coloured DUALSHOCK 4. As far as I'm aware it's not in commemoration of anything or any one. But as soon as I saw the colour, I thought...

Perfume - Tokyo girl | Random J Pop

Yep. Perfume's "Tokyo girl".

No matter how much I try to keep this nonsense-ass song out of my mind, it just keeps 2-stepping its way back in. Again, I'm not sure what Sony's inspiration was behind this colour combination, but it's crazy how the colours match those of Perfume's "Tokyo girl" outfits almost exactly.

Sony PlayStation 4 DUALSHOCK 4 controller in Berry Blue | Random J Pop

Team Perfume. If ya'll reach out to Sony PlayStation Japan, pitch this and Sony actually make Perfume the official ambassadors of this controller colour way, feel free to DM me my money for my services. Ya'll welcome.