Remix: Mariah Carey - GTFO (Mitch Ferrino remix)

Remix: Mariah Carey - GTFO (Mitch Ferrino remix) | Random J Pop

When I first heard "GTFO" I immediately thought how much I've like for it to receive some remixes. Whilst Mariah has not commissioned anything official, that's not stopped some of ya'll from dropping some remixes. And Mitch Ferrino's has caught my attention.

If anybody in Mariah's team happens to lurk on this blog, you need to play this to your girl and get her to co-sign, because this remix right here is a bop.

One issue I had with the original song was its lack of progression and build. Another was that the beat didn't go as hard as it should have. Surprising, as Nineteen85's joints usually hit hard as fuck. I love me something with some kick and some bass to it and the original lacks both. This remix on the other hand ticks both boxes and provides something that will work better across radio, the clubs and of course the gays.

I genuinely love how Mariah sounds on dance beats and always have, ever since she started working it into her albums from Daydream and Butterfly; something she stopped doing for years until the release of Me. I am Mariah with "Meteorite". Dance and Disco suits her voice and I would love for her to just drop a Dance / Disco album. I know a bitch never will. So at the very least I'd go for a remix album with that as the sound. Mariah may have a sore spot for remix albums after the ill fated Angels advocate album. But I like to think she's in a much better place now with a team around her who wouldn't let such shit happen again.

Whilst "GTFO" was only released as a buzz single to whet appetites. But "GTFO" has caught fire online due to its meme worthiness, something that Mariah herself fully supports. It's doing pretty well for itself for a buzz single, so it'd definitely be a good look to run with dance remixes of the song whilst it seems to have legs, especially with her lead single "With you" being so downtempo in comparison.

Download it: GTFO (Mitch Ferrino remix)
Hear Mitch's other shit: DJ Mitch Ferrino's Soundcloud