Ariana Grande, Talya Parx and Victoria Monét need to form a damn group

Ariana Grande, Talya Parx and Victoria Monét perform "Thank U, next" on Ellen | Random J Pop

"Thank U, next" has come along and pretty much landed with more impact and gravitas than anything released off of Sweetener. Ariana's fourth single from her 2018 set "Breathin" had its video release a couple of days ago and is soaring the video charts. But "Thank U, next" is swallowing that shit whole and overshadowing it like a mother fucker. I wonder why Ariana's team even bothered to release it. But I guess they do still have copies of Sweetener to sell.

Ariana took to Ellen to perform "Thank U, next" with two of her real life friends and co-writers of the song; Victoria Monét and Tayla Parx. The former of whom I become aware of prior as a result of her song "The glow" featuring in the season 3 finale of HBO's Insecure.

The trio took to the stage with a theme based off THE scene from The first wives club and they all looked great. The performance was fun and saw Ariana break into laughter a couple of times, sing on the verge of tears at one point and slip as she came down off of a chair. Despite this performance being re-taped and Ariana having the chance to do it again, she said 'Fuck it'. I'm glad she did, because it adds so much more to the performance and also lets everybody know that she was very much singing live. Speaking of singing live, can we talk about her vocals!? This bitch was sounding like the damn CD. She is one of the few chicks in pop who can give live vocals that sound exactly the same as her studio recordings. I was a little bit shook.

I'mma need Ariana Grande, Victoria Monét and Tayla Parx to form a group and release an EP, because they all look great together and there is a void in the game for a good US girl group who have talent and can sing.

Ariana Grande. Taylor Parx. Victoria Monét.
The group name? ATM.

Ya'll. Make it happen please.