*Claps for Ariana and "Thank U, next"*

Ariana Grande - Thank u, next | Random J Pop

Ariana Grande had surprise released a song which mentions her exes and her decision to do so has divided people. There are some who are calling her out for being disrespectful to Mac Miller as she calls him out by name. And others calling the whole thing a 'weird flex'.

Now, let's talk about the mention of Mac Miller.

I personally do not think Ariana is being disrespectful. Ariana does not shade Mac in any way on the song. Ariana and Mac Miller were friends before they were a couple. He was there for her following the terrorist attack at her gig Manchester. And she was very vocal about missing him in the wake of his passing, even when she was with her fiancee Pete Davidson; which probably fucked him all the way up. Because, how do you compete and get mad at an ex who has passed?

If Ariana wants to put a song out mentioning Mac Miller by name and thanking him, she should be allowed to. I don't see how Ariana simply mentioning Mac on a song and thanking him is any different to a bunch of his friends sitting around a mic at Apple music radio and talking about him.

Also, the fact that all some people are taking out of the song is that Ariana is mentioning Mac and calling it disrespectful shows that the point of the song flew right over their damn head and then nutmeg'd the shit out of them.

"Thank U, next" is not a diss record. It's a self care record. Ariana is reconciling with the lovers in her life, including herself and exclaiming that she's ready to face whatever comes next. Whether it be another lover or a life event.

I can't help but think that people are bending the song out of shape because Ariana is a woman. Because men have been out here name calling exes with way less class on a song and there's been zero outrage. I honestly wonder if people have an issue with Ariana mentioning Mac Miller or if they have an issue with Ariana calling out four of her most notable exes by name. And it's quite telling that most of the outrage and criticism is from men.

Ariana is using music as her outlet to cope. That's whole of her Sweetener album is literally about her coping with anxiety and love. So it shouldn't come as a shock that Ariana has written a song about how she feels about her ex in light of his passing and splitting from her fiancee in a whirlwind romance. Especially when Ariana was so frank and candid about everything whilst she was with them both. The only shock for me was that we got a new song from her so fast.

I commend Ariana for putting the song out. Because God forbid a woman would want to own her past, value her self-worth and want to move on.

As for the song? I dig it and like it the more that I listen to it. "Thank U, next" provides what I felt Sweetener was lacking, which was a real smooth R&B jam which is just a whole vibe.

Ariana has confirmed that she's already started working on her follow up to Sweetener, that it's titled "Thank U, next" and word is that it will drop by the end of the year.

Thank U, next.