Crystal Kay features on a song that we won't remember by 2019, "Anata no shiranai watashitachi"

Chay featuring Crystal Kay - Anata no shiranai watashitachi | Random J Pop

Crystal Kay has always been about collaborations. But ever since moving over to Universal, she's being pimped out left, right and centre. The latest is J-artist Chay, who brings Crystal on board for "Anata no shiranai watashitachi", which features as the theme song for the Asahi TV drama Anata ni wa watasanai.

It's your typical funky J-Rock tinged anthem. Nothing remotely special.

Crystal Kay's appearance on this leaves me conflicted. From a promotional perspective it's great for her. But if we're going on what works for the song; as great as Crystal sounds and as much as her presence elevates it, Chay could have managed this fine on her own. And whilst some of us CK fans appreciate CK still getting booked despite not having any real large scale success, I doubt Japan cares whether she's on the song or not.

I also feel that there are artists who would have been a better fit for this song as a whole as opposed to Chay. Kumi Koda would have sounded nice on this and Kavka Shishido would have killed it.

The approach that her management LDH is taking with Crystal Kay is a worrying one. There seems to be no effort to have Crystal Kay own a sound or carve out a lane for herself, which is crazy because she had a sound. Everything has been a bid to make Crystal Kay sound as generic as possible. Her last studio album For you couldn't get any blander if it tried. There's no way that Crystal could ever say with her hand on her heart that she loves this music that she's putting out, because it's all dusty.