Random J Pop playlist: This is Crystal Kay

Random J Pop playlist: This is Crystal Kay | Random J Pop

I don't know why my ass bothers with half the shit I do. But I went and created a Spotify playlist of Crystal Kay's shit that none of ya'll outside of Japan will even be able to listen to.

Crystal entire Sony back catalogue is available on Spotify, but only for Spotify users in Japan. A mess. I know. Especially given that Sony is a global company whose Japanese label is now a global one and her biggest hits and some of her best songs are from her Sony releases.

Spotify actually bothered to make one of their 'This is' playlists for Crystal, but it's garbage. Shit doesn't even have a proper cover art. It doesn't feature any of CK's quality deep cuts and it misses the whole of Color change!, which despite being an overlooked album of Crystal's, was a good album with some great songs. So I created a This is Crystal Kay playlist my damn self. Why I'm sharing this when none of ya'll (me included) will be able to listen to it, I don't know. But here it is. Hopefully if I have any readers from Japan, they will be able to appreciate this and tell a friend.

🎧 Listen on Spotify: This is Crystal Kay

There is an option in Spotify's settings which allows you to see songs in playlists which aren't available to you. So if you're viewing this playlist with the setting off, then you'll only see 20 songs as opposed to the (at time of writing) full 67 songs.

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