Random J Pop special edition: Crystal Kay - Euphoria

Random J Pop special edition: Crystal Kay - Euphoria
I was supposed to post this a whole ass month ago. But ya'll who are regulars around here know how I be.

This Random J Pop special edition is of my girl, Crystal Kay.

From 2012 onward with the release of her 10th studio album Vivid, Crystal truly embraced pop and dance music in place of R&B, which threw some fans and upset others. Me? I'm good with any music that Crystal does as long as that shit is good and Vivid was more than good. But Dance music wasn't new to Crystal back then. Dance music has been prevalent in her career and sound since the beginning. It may not have been a focus on her albums, but it's been there. Whether it's odd album track, a collaboration or a remix of one of her singles. Crystal and dance music have never been estranged.

So, this special edition is a collection of Crystal's dance focused songs.

I like how Crystal sounds on Dance and House beats. I think anybody who can sing and serve vocals sounds great on Dance and House records. So I honestly wouldn't be mad if Crystal turned around and did a whole ass dance album. I wouldn't trust a bitch to give me a good dance album these days with her recent track record. I would say that even with her current team, the result couldn't be worse than what we've gotten. But then again, I didn't think the follow up to Shine would end up being worse than Shine. So...

Some of the songs here are B-sides and featured on old ass singles which are probably harder to get a hold of now and out of print. Unless you live around the corner from a Book Off or your ass works at Sony music Japan. I'm sure they've got boxes of Crystal's shit in that corner of the store room that leaks.

📀 Listen on Spotify: Crystal Kay - Euphoria
  1. Fantastic Journey
  2. Over and Over
  3. One (Dexipistols remix)
  4. Shining (Jazztronik remix)
  5. Step By Step
  6. Take It Outside
  7. Namida no Saki ni (Soidog remix)
  8. Suki
  9. Heartmelt
  10. Revolution
  11. I Just Wanna Fly
  12. Haru Arashi
  13. Never Say Goodbye

As has been and will always be the case with these Special editions, the songs shortlisted are not simply a shortlist of just my favourites and these aren't a list of all of the Dance / House songs that Crystal has done. They are songs that I like, but the focus is more on cohesion and something that flows.