Kyary Pamyu Pamyu stars in a TV commercial with Chun-Li

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu + Street Figher x Onitsuka Tiger | Random J Pop

Kyary stays cashing those endorsement deal cheques, and one of her latest comes courtesy of Street Fighter and Onitsuka Tiger.

Onitsuka Tiger's collabo with Street Fighter makes complete sense and is LONG overdue. When Capcom first revealed Street Fighter Alpha in 1995, alongside a brand new outfit for a younger Chun-Li, I always wondered 'Where the Adidas or Onitsuka Tiger collabo at?' Because, bitch...

Chun-Li: Street Fighter Alpha | Random J Pop

Capcom have been doing the most to get money out of gamers with Street Fighter V since its release, with a string of DLC packs and micro transactions. The money grab got so bad that they introduced in-game advertising last year, the inclusion of which was fucking awful and completely disregarded creative integrity when it came to the character designs. So it's no surprise that Capcom would take the opportunity to make this collab happen now. Even if they had launched a collab back in the early 90s when Street Fighter Alpha first dropped, we would have gotten it again now anyway. Because mo' money.

But picking Kyary Pamyu Pamyu to feature in the TV commercial? That was a choice.

This commercial isn't of the usual quality you'd expect from a commercial featuring Pamyu Pamyu. It genuinely looks like a case of her just turning up and being dropped into a concept which was left generic enough to feature anybody, as opposed to a concept that was built around her specifically; as was the case with her Ora2 and Nintendo commercials. They really could have picked any Japanese celebrity for this and probably could have picked a better one than Pamyu Pamyu, unless they were going to tailor the commercial to fit her. They could have done so much more with this. Nakata coulda given a song based on Chun-Li's theme and everything.

Perfume served Chun-Li tease with "Cling cling" back in 2016. But ain't no way they would ever do a collab with a sneaker brand, when dusty pumps is their thing. Even though they wear flats and sneakers on the most regular of basis when they aren't doing public appearances as 'Perfume'. Also, does a-chan even wear trousers? [Awaits a fan to drop a picture of a-chan wearing trousers in the comments]