Perfume's serve Future Pop Pamyu realness on "Nananananairo"

Perfume's serve Future Pop Pamyu realness on "Nananananairo" | Random J Pop

Perfume were chosen as the faces for beauty brand Kracie's sheet masks, and featured in a bunch of commercials which see the girls enjoying a vacation to the musical backdrop of a new song "Nananananairo".

The whole song has made its way online (the girls probably played it on their radio show, Perfume Locks) and I'm just...not here for it. But I knew I wouldn't be. Because...this is my life as a Perfume fan now. Being underwhelmed by their music.

What I'm about to say, I have said one too many times about songs of Perfume's over the past 5 years. But this sounds like a Pamyu Pamyu song. I might just go right on ahead and launch some Random J Pop merch, with 'This sounds like a Pamyu Pamyu song' enamel pins and T-shirts at this point.

"Nananananairo" is everything that I don't like about Perfume's music right now. It doesn't sound unique to them, because it sounds like a Pamyu Pamyu song, through and through. The girls are singing in their annoying high pitched voices on the chorus (Hey. At least this has a chorus). And the sound is all over the place. I'm all for fusions of sounds, but this sounds like 4 different songs patched together, and not in the ingenious way that Xenomania used to do with some of Girls aloud's songs. The booty bounce bass drop at 3:11. Why?

Anyway. I could talk about how much I don't like this song for another 3 paragraphs. But instead I want to talk about sheet masks.

I used to wonder what the big deal was with sheet masks, until I started seeing them pop up in stores in the UK recently and figured that I'd give them a go. Now, I'mma say. I don't know how these masks come packaged in Japan or South Korea, but here, these damn things come folded and wet as fuck. The amount of mess I make trying to unfold the damn thing and unfurl the folds around the nose and the mouth area. And I have a beard. So that shit isn't sticking to the lower regions of my face anyway. But, lemme tell you. Once that sheet mask is on, it feels so good. The packs always say to keep it on for 10 - 15 minutes, but I sit and watch whole episodes of shit on Netflix with it on. But the shit I have to go through just to get the damn thing on my face deters me from using them as often as I'd like.

I guess I should cap this post off with something about this Perfume song...

"Nananananairo" is one of 2 new recordings which will appear on their Perfume's best album Perfume the Best P cubed, which releases in September. And we'll almost certainly hear the second song before the album drops, as it will probably be featured as part of another product / promotional tie-in.