Random J playlist: This is Kumi Koda

Random J playlist: This is Kumi Koda (神田 來未子) | Random J Pop

Kumi Koda's music is a mess.

Even back in the days of Black Cherry, Kingdom and Trick, I was calling her music a mess and was branded a hater because of it. But now we're all on the same page. Because her music really is an utter mess. Kumi hasn't given us anything of legitimate decency in 6 years. I forget that she actually had released some good music.

Kumi Koda's mess 10 years ago is of a different level to Kumi Koda's mess now. Kumi was very hit and miss for me, but at least there were hits. Now? The only hits are the ones that her career is taking.

She's is out in these streets trying to compete with Namie Amuro's dust trails, and losing.

Because I once again had time, I made a 'This is Kumi Koda' playlist. There is an official Spotify one, but it's kinda dusty. So I chose to do a bitch some justice and give her a better one.

In this point in the Kumiko timeline, where her music is fully-fledged trash, making this playlist gave me a new appreciation for some of her older material. It makes me remember that there was a time when Kumi was releasing good songs that I actually used to play and should play more often. W Face, AND, DNA and Re(CORD) could never. And this is coming from somebody who was never a fan of any of Kumi's albums at any point.

So, if you're a Kumi fan and you want to remember the good old days, give this a listen. Don't waste your bandwidth on Re(CORD). It ain't worth it.

🎧 Listen to it on Spotify: This is Kumi Koda

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