Dua Lipa gets "Physical". Still moves like a tank tho.

Dua Lipa gets "Physical". Still moves like a tank tho. | Random J Pop

Dua Lipa finally decided to give us new material for a new album instead of hopping on remixes and featuring on other people's songs, slapping that shit on her debut album and re-releasing it over and over AND OVER again.

We got the lead single "Don't start now", followed by the upcoming album title track "Future nostalgia" as a little tease to the and now comes the follow up single "Physical".

Between the album title and how these songs are sounding, it's pretty clear the type of sound it will have. Because throwback sounds was something that Dua Lipa had done with her Calvin Harris and Silk City collabs, it doesn't really feel like we're entering a new phase of anything, which is actually pretty masterful. "One thing" and "Electricity" both fit perfectly under this Future nostalgia umbrella Dua has now. I hate when really old songs get slapped onto albums as bonus tracks. But I have to admit that including "One kiss" and "Electricity" on the deluxe editions of her upcoming album would make sense.

Whilst "Don't start now" and "Future nostalgia" felt familiar and within Dua's wheelhouse, "Physical" sounds a bit more different with it being straight 80s synth Pop. I like the song, but there's something about Dua on it that doesn't sound right and I think it's her voice. It doesn't matter how nice your tone is or how well you can sing. 80s synth Pop ain't for every voice. Dua's voice and just the general way in which she sings just doesn't sit as nice on this style of music as La Roux, Allie X or even Lady Gaga's would. Not just because of her tone, but if you're going to do 80s synth Pop there needs to also be a sense of theatrics that comes with it to an extent, and this isn't Dua's thing. I like the music though, so hopefully an Instrumental will surface.

Critique of the song aside, I really liked the video. It felt far more on-brand for Dua than "Don't start now", which deserved a far better video than what it got. Especially after her performance at the MTV European Music Awards, which showed that a performance video should've been the way to go instead of that Insta live looking ass mess we got.

It's nice to see Dua growing into herself as a performer and showing less restraint in her music videos. She clearly took the Internet dragging her stiff dancing to heart and is working on it.

All in all, this was a really great visual. I like me a trippy video with good choreo and set design. It's why I live for Perfume's shit, which "Physical" kinda reminded me of. "Display", "Fushizen na girl" and especially "Everyday" came immediately to mind.

Dua Lipa's second studio album Future nostalgia releases on April 3rd, physically and on all streaming platforms.