Perfume getting that Coca-Cola coin...maybe

Perfume getting that Coca-Cola coin...maybe | Random J Pop

So, Coca-Cola Japan tweeted out some art featuring a limited Strawberry version of their brown carbonated beverage in advance of Valentine's day, which is marketed to girls. 

I know.

Japan still has a LONG way to go, as does the rest of the world. But let's not get into that now.

This wouldn't be special for shit, if the art didn't feature three girls who bear resemblance to Perfume. Something which could be a stretch. But one which isn't entirely baseless given the hairstyles of the three girls in the artwork and that the replies to the tweet look like this...

Perfume getting that Coca-Cola coin...maybe | Random J Pop

And one Eagle eyed Twitter user by the name of heavynova had pointed out that Coca-Cola is a sponsor of Perfume's P cubed in dome tour. They'd also singled out that the logo on their website features the Coca-Cola's Olympics logo, which I'm sure now has some fans fanning those flames concerning Perfume being performers at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics opening ceremony in July.
Who the fuck knows!?

Team Perfume is who.

But Perfume starring in a Coca-Cola commercial and debuting a new song within the next couple of weeks or so wouldn't be so far fetched. At least whatever song Perfume did for the commercial would get a release. Unlike when Perfume did a thing for Pepsi and then left the fan base thirty for a full version of their cover of "Lovefool". Something that fans STILL be asking for.

I would say y'all are persistent and need to stop. But I can't say shit, as I've been waiting on Sega to release a sequel to Burning Rangers since 1999.