Chloe x Halle drop the Summer buss down anthem, "Do It"

Chloe x Halle drop the Summer buss down anthem, "Do It" | Random J Pop

Chloe x Halle have been in the game for a minute. They have an EP, a LP and a mixtape under their belts, but they've yet to strike it big with their music, have that breakout song and be known as anything but 'Those girls Beyoncé signed' or 'Those girls from Grown·ish'. But that could well change with "Do It", which feels like a soft reset for the girls and a re-introduction to the world. Many are honestly going to think that this is their debut single anyway.

Beyoncé said 'What y'all girls did before was nice, but we need hits now'. She put that Parkwood money DOWN.

"Do It" is a bit of departure for Chloe x Halle. Where-as before their music was more just two girls kicking it and doing whatever, everything about "Do It" is geared towards it being a hit on radio, a highly viewed vid on YouTube and a viral sensation on TikTok with the cute little hip sway moment on the chorus.

Chloe x Halle have always been a very D.I.Y duo, writing and producing their own material and not attaching themselves to the big producers and songwriters you'd expect given who they're signed to. But "Do It" is produced by Scott Storch (who hasn't had a hit in God knows how long, but he sure has had some hits, with Beyoncé no less) and co-written by Ariana's once secret weapon Victoria Monét.

And this video. Duolingo seemed to be one of the few serving PRODUCTIONS these days. So it's nice to see Chloe x Halle enter the ring with a video that's creative, and beautifully shot and styled. Especially during a time when artists who didn't shoot their shit before Miss Corona arrived are having to serve us iPhone camera rolls for videos. Chloe x Halle were giving me Aaliyah, BoA, Janet Jackson, Beyoncé and shit, even some Perfume. Chloe was ready to buss down and drop it all the way, but Halle was like 'Girl. I'm on the Disney payroll right now. I can't be getting down like that.'

This shit got me obsessed. I've had the song and video on repeat.

Chloe x Halle's sophomore album Ungodly Hour releases on June 5th. Not much is known about the album other than they have cut at least one song with Disclosure. Between this and "Do It", bitch, I'm ready.

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