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Flashback Friday: BoA - My Name | The quintessential BoA song

Flashback Friday: BoA - My Name | Random J Pop

Ask anybody who's followed BoA from the beginning or been into K-Pop since the early 2000s what they deem quintessential BoA songs, and there's a high likelihood that "My Name" will be in that list. If you were to ask me, it'd certainly be in mine.

BoA was touted as the 'Korean Britney' early in her career, and with "My Name" it was easy to hear and see why. As well as the fact that Britney herself was a clear influence. This was some Oops!...I Did It Again, post "I'm a Slave 4 U" type serve.

"My Name" was BoA's golden standard for me, which is why I was disappointed in so much of what BoA released afterwards, because it all paled in comparison to it. Not because music videos weren't looking and sounding like "My Name", but because it seemed that SM and Avex had an inability to get the formula right. In their defence, they had no real reason to at the time, because everything  BoA was putting out was making her a bigger and bigger star, even though so much of it wasn't good.

Thankfully SM Entertainment and BoA herself seem to have a better handle on the quality control, although they still manage to get it wrong. Yes "Nega Dola" and "Woman", I'm looking at y'all. But I guess that's the power of when you put out a really good song and music video. It lives on forever. And even if everything released after it isn't up to scratch, it doesn't change what came before. Which is why "My Name" is still that bitch. And BoA will always be that bitch that DID that.

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