Snoh Aalegra gives a Mass Effect 2 throwback with "Dying 4 Your Love"

Snoh Aalegra gives a Mass Effect 2 throwback with "Dying 4 Your Love" | Random J Pop

Snoh Aalegra caught a lot of attention with her second studio album, the 2019 release Ugh, Those Feels Again and the visual for "Whoa" which featured her then rumoured boyfriend Killmonger. So much attention in fact that it led to her signing with Roc Nation, through which her future recordings will be released. So her first new song of 2020 "Dying 4 Your Love" will be sure to catch a lot of traction, and it deserves to. It's a damn good song.

"Dying 4 Your Love" is a very timely song which is sure to have people in their feelings more than usual given the pandemic - giving many far too much time to think and ruminate over relationships or situationships which weren't in the best of states prior to Miss Corona's Contamination world tour. Snoh knows exactly what the fuck she did. The audacity.

The song gives me strong classic Brandy vibes, but also Mass Effect 2 vibes. The futuristic setting, the red planet looking like the view from the Illusive man's office, then there's the song title; y'all remember how Mass Effect 2 ended with a suicide mission, right? My new Mass Effect canon is Commander Shepard in his quarters singing this song as he prepares for what could be his final mission.

Snoh has stated that she is working on her third studio album. And if the release of this song and the shot-in-lockdown music video is any indication, she ain't gonna let Miss Corona stop her from releasing a damn thing. So stand by for more singles and possibly the album itself by the end of the year.

I really want a Mass Effect sequel y'all. A good one. 'Cos chile, Andromeda was just-