Faky actually serve a little somethin' with "Little More"

Faky (フェイキー) actually serve a little somethin' with "Little More" | Random J Pop

I didn't foresee Faky making it to 6 years, but here we are.

Every time I see Faky have a new song out, I set the expectation to be disappointed and watch these girls parade around to a song that could have been really good, but falls short. But "Little More" surprised me in the same way that their 2017 comeback single "Someday We'll Know" did. A song which hits all of the right marks, is a legitimate bop and realises the potential of the group.

The structure of the song is a little strange. It doesn't go to the places that you expect it to, but by the time the chorus hits for the second time you settle into it, and everything locks in. 

"Little More" was written by Faky member Lil' Fang (Miss blue jump suit and rhubarb hair), and produced by Maeshima Soshi and Koudai Iwatsubo, the latter of whom has cut songs for E-Girls, F.T. Island Ms. Ooja and a bunch of Johnny's acts including Hey! Say! JUMP, Sexy Zone and KAT-TUN.

It's nice to have Faky put out a good song and a solid music video. If only they could give us consistency. 

I can imagine K-Pop fans digging this if it falls on their radars.