Jasmine cosplays at a Tokyo negro convention for "Kimiwa Tomodachi"

Jasmine takes part in a Black cosplay convention in "Kimiwa Tomodachi" | Random J Pop

Jasmine has released a new song, "Kimiwa Tomodachi" - her first release for 2021 following the 2020 released of her EP's M and S.

When I started to see Jasmine post photos on Twitter of her hair in braids, with her scalp clearly screaming, I knew shit was about to go down. And then a music video dropped.


It took me a minute to even really get into the song, because I was fixated on Jasmine's hair, how she shot a whole video in some small ass looking bar with bad air circulation during a pandemic, and the fact that everybody there looked like they were cosplaying at a Tokyo negro convention.


I like this song. It's nothing that I'd go out of my way to listen to, but it has a really nice vibe. It doesn't have a really obvious hook or structure, but it kinda adds to the vibe of the song. It's a good background song for a bar, for some R&B fucking, or a weed playlist.

Jasmine has been pretty steady and consistent with her music releases over the past 3 years, following an extended period of inactivity off the back of her departure from Sony, and it's nice to see. But it's a real shame that some R&B acts in Japan are finding themselves shelved to a point where they have to go independent just to get music out. We saw the same thing happen with Riri, who was also once signed to Sony Music Japan, who are generally trash and drop the ball on their artists. How can you have Crystal Kay, Angela Aki, Jasmine and MiChi signed to your label, and play them all!?