Music video: Riri (not that Riri) spins the "Wheel of Fortune"

Music video: Riri (not that Riri) spins the "Wheel of Fortune" | Random J Pop

It's been quiet on the music front for RiRi, with her last release being "Episode 0" back in February of 2020. But she's back with a new single "Wheel of Fortune ~Unmei no Wa~".

It's a bit of a banger with a beat which demands some cheek shaking action, but instead, Riri is just walking along a beach in some dresses, standing in between bed linen and holding a card. I don't get why Riri refuses to give us choreo in her music videos when she can dance. Like, ACTUALLY dance.


“Wheel of Fortune” shares more with her debut album in terms of its sound than most of what she released after it. This will either please fans, or have them roll their eyes that RiRi isn’t doing something new. I certainly would have liked RiRi to have given me something a little different. But I’d be laying ass bitch if I said that I didn’t like “Wheel of Fortune” and that it wasn’t hot. RiRi has a lane, she’s in and it works for her. Also, she came completely different with "Episode 0". Maybe the low streaming figures forced her back to this. Who knows.

"Wheel of Fortune" is a great Summer song. And although we may not get the Summer we want this year (because...pandemic), this song at least allows us to live the fantasy. 

Hopefully we'll get an album from Riri this year. An actual album. No that EP masquerading as an album shit Sony tried to pull with Neo.

It's gonna be interesting to see what an album release from her even looks, like now that she's no longer signed to a major label and is doing the music thing independent.

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