Nakata Yasutaka gets his groove back for Capsule's "Hikari no Disco"

Nakata Yasutaka gets his groove back for Capsule's "Hikari no Disco" | Random J Pop

After 6 years (Bitch, can you believe it has been 84 6 years since Wave Runner?!) Capsule released a new single "Hikari no Disco", a premiere of which was preceded by a livestream of all of Capsule's albums. The livestream really amped up expectations for not only an imminent Capsule song, but how the damn thing would sound, given how much Capsule's sound has changed over the years from the days of High Collar Girl. And then there was the fact we were getting a music video, something which is somewhat of a rarity for a group who's been around for 20 years.

I have warn you before you watch this video, that there are lots of out of focus shots and 3D style effects in it that may give you a headache, and possibly epilepsy. 30 seconds into this video and I almost collapsed. But we know Japan live for content that can trigger epilepsy and not giving warnings.

Before I get into the song, I gotta talk about this video. 

20 years in the game and 6 years since the last release, and THIS is how you comeback!? This shit looked like visuals for a lyric video. Why did we only get about 2 shots of the car WHEN THE BITCH WAS STATIONARY!? Seeing external shots of the car on the road with Akira style light streaks, and giving us Initial D and Ridge Racer Type 4 vibes would have made for a far cooler and more interesting video. I'm not even allowing COVID protocols as an excuse, because of the style of video. This didn't feature an ensemble cast or scenes in a club. It was Toshiko and her stiff wig in a Honda. Thy coulda had a unit on the road filming the car, which would have been more COVID safe than having somebody in the backseat with a camera.

I temper all of my expectations when it comes to any Nakata Yasutaka productions these days, especially given how much his sound has fallen off with Perfume, and how Kyary's sound is kind of meandering, although at least she still gets half decent songs. So I was pleasantly surprised with "Hikari no Disco". It's a really good song which feels like a collection of different sounds and styles Capsule has touched on over the years. It's also a reminder of how good Nakata is when he's on his shit. This isn't an amazing or mind blowing song by any means, but it definitely hearkens back to Nakata's more stylized productions that he became known for.

My only gripe with the song is Toshiko's vocals. Having listened back to Capsule's older shit early this morning, I miss her natural singing voice. As is the case with Perfume, she has a far better voice than songs like this would have you believe, and a natural vocal would have made this song so much better.

There's no word at time of posting as to whether we'll get a new Capsule album or a Best album. But expect some new soon.

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