Random J Playlist: Girly Step | a Nakata Yasutaka Pride Playlist

Random J Playlist: Girly Step | a YSTK Pride Playlist

A few weeks ago I was listening to an official livestream of Capsule's albums. And when the song "Sakura" hit, I said 'Thassa Pride anthem right there'. And then it hit me. A lot of what Nakata Yasutaka has produced could easily be filed under 'Gay ass songs' and sit in Queer friendly playlists. Not just because his productions have always been fruity, colourful and predominantly for female acts; but the sounds that he's known for Shibuya kei, pop, electro, EDM - are all sounds with historic ties to the queerness and the queer community at large.

Also many of the artists Nakata is best known for producing have a cross section of fans who are undoubtedly queer. Perfume, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Meg, Ami Suzuki. Chile, that rainbow flag be WAVING in every single one of their fanbases.

I won't make jokes about Nakata being close friends with an artist named Ram Rider, and the moment between them that Toshiko filmed and exposed on Instagram. 


If you're a queer lover of pop who lives for a Nakata Yasutaka production, then hit up this playlist, crank it up and get ready to girly step.

🎧 Listen on Spotify: Girly Step | a YSTK Pride Playlist

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