Arlo Parks comes for Mr. Kipling and Aunt Bessie with "Too Good"

Arlo Parks comes for Mr. Kipling and Aunt Bessie with "Too Good" | Random J Pop

Arlo Parks is going about singles like she's an artist in Japan. Prior to her debut album Collapsed in Sunbeams releasing in January, she released 6 singles. AND SHE'S STILL GOING WITH A SEVENTH!

Yes Arlo. You better get those album and tour ticket sales bitch.

"Too Good" is a song that's too real. An account of a situation where you admit to yourself that you like someone, but won't let that person know. Meanwhile that person is either doing the exact same thing. OR you put yourself out there and let that person know that you like them, but they refuse to reciprocate...even though they feel the EXACT same way about you. It's the shit that every TV show and romcom is based on.

We all be out here playing ourselves to protect our hearts.

Arlo Parks in openly bisexual, in case any of y'all are coming to this video after seeing "Eugene" and thinking 'But ain't she a lesbian tho!?'. Bisexuality is still a complete myth to so many people. So I like that we get representation of it in a music video. And that sometimes Arlo is with a man, and sometimes she's with a woman. It's just so cool and so damn normal.

Arlo Parks has a unique sound in today soundscape, but she also has amazing visuals. The music video for "Eugene" was brilliantly quirky and unique, and really hit during a pandemic. And "Too Good" is equally so - directed by Bedroom Projects; a duo of friends based in London, known for their work with Filipino-Brit singer Beabadoobee. (I really shoulda done a post on her song "Cologne", because it's really fucking good).

I adore music videos with great sound design. The use of sound effects and audi cues in this videos just help immerse you in the whole video and also the song.