Beni performs an acoustic version of "Our Sky" and gives what those albums have been missing

Beni performs an acoustic version of "Our Sky" and gives what those albums have been missing | Random J Pop

Beni did a lil' performance back in March. But because Japan, there are few videos (if any) available of the entire performance, and we only get a digest of it being made available months later. 

She gave a really nice performance of her 2013 digital single "Our Sky" which appeared on her eighth studio album Red, and gave what I've been wanting her to give on her studio recordings for the past couple of years.

I'mma need Beni to figure out what is going on with her voice, or get her studio engineer to switch up microphones, because Beni was giving me tone and warmth in this performance. Two things that I feel has been sorely missing from her last few studio releases.

Beni should consider doing an Unplugged album to remind her fans that she can hold tune, that she actually has a really nice voice, and that she has good-ass songs in her discography.

Whilst Beni's last few releases (both LP and EP) haven't been bad, they've not been memorable. Her stint of releasing Cover albums back to back in quick succession did wonders for her sales, but fucked up the groove of her artistry. And I think that many of the fans she garnered during her Bitter & Sweet, Lovebox and Jewel run tapped out when she started releasing these vanilla cover albums. An Unplugged album would help put all of her fans on the same page of remembering why they got into her in the first place. And Beni's team could also coincide an Unplugged album release with with the global release of all of her albums on streaming platforms.

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