CL drops her 'bet'chu miss dis good pussy' anthem, "Lover Like Me"

CL drops her 'bet'chu miss dis good pussy' anthem, "Lover Like Me" | Random J Pop

CL gave us the Rap bitch with "Spicy", and now she's here to show us she can also sing half of these K-Pop bitches under a Jwaseok bus (which isn't hard) on something that's a bit mid-tempo, but still goes hard.

For those of you who weren't keen on "Spicy" and liked the 2NE1 songs which featured more singing than rapping, you might gel with "Lover Like Me".

Between "Spicy" and "Love Like Me", I do get why some labels would find CL difficult to market. Both songs show such different sides to her. And ever since the days of 2NE1, CL always seemed as comfortable singing as she did rapping and visa-versa, and it's probabaly split her own fan base down the middle. You'd think such range would help an artist, but it so rarely does when it comes to being marketed.

So few women in music have been able to successfully be marketed as both rappers and singers. One of the few that comes to mind is Lauryn Hill. Even an artist like Missy Elliott, who from the beginning of her career had put out R&B songs was always seen as JUST a rapper. And no, not Nicki Minaj. Just because she sang on "Super Bass" (most of the vocals of which weren't even hers, but Ester Dean's), does not make her a singer.

CL drops her 'bet'chu miss dis good pussy' anthem, "Lover Like Me" | Random J Pop
CL - Lover Like Me | © 2021 Very Cherry

This music video was also a pretty clear look at the intersection at which K-Pop exists, of Black Culture and Americana. It's present in pretty much EVERY K-Pop video these days. But something about the stillness in this one really made it stand out to me.

It's interesting how K-Pop on one hand is seen as this uniquely South Korean thing, when so much of what makes K-Pop pulls from Black culture and Americana in some form. Here is CL, a K-Pop star rocking a look that some may view was a clear influence of Black culture, and then a look which is a homage to the blonde bombshell look which was popularised by the likes of Marylin Munroe. (Side note: Some may see Madonna in the look specifically, which would also mean you see Marylin Munroe, because Madonna based her whole blonde bombshell moment on Marylin Munroe). And this is just the look, and not even getting into the music, which at present is strongly influenced by sounds on American radio, behind which are Black songwriters and producers. Or white producers such as MurdaBeatz and 40 who are influenced by Black songwriters and producers. CL's place at this intersection is less egregious than others. But it always makes me laugh when stans refuse to acknowledge how much K-Pop and their fave 'borrows'.


I really like this song. I could done with just a teeny bit more of something on the chorus though. Even if it were only for the final run of it.