Random J Playlist: Halloween at Home

Random J Playlist: Halloween at Home | Random J Pop

It's October. And therefore, Halloween month is HERE BITCH. I really didn't give that much of a fuck about Halloween until I experienced it in New York for the first time, and from then on I got it and started to look forward to it. And just like that, I am now pissed that I can't spend Halloween 2021 in New York.

It really is amazing.

I think another part of why I never really saw Halloween as a big deal is because I'm such a geek. I've always been into movies, superhero shit and video games; and had an awareness of cosplay. So being immersed in these different worlds where people play dress up was kind of a constant for me growing up, and stayed us such into adulthood. Then there's the fact that I have a sweet tooth and was always eating sweets (or candy for my US readers), which is maybe why Halloween never felt like much of a big deal to me - because I was kinda in Halloween mode in a sense all year round, save for the spook factor.


I saw all that to say that I find Halloween cool, I see why so many people love it, and that I have a playlist for folk to buss down to at home whilst they're carving pumpkins.

This features some iconic widely known Halloween staples ("Thriller", of course) and some J-Pop and K-Pop inclusions too. Because, obviously.

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And before anybody says 'But Kim Petras released a whole Halloween EP'. I don't listen to Kim Petras and / or anything produced of written by Dr. Puke. And the fact that she willingly works with that man, just makes me feel a type of way about her. The same reason I don't listen to Doja Cat. So, no. There is no Kim Petras in this playlist and that is that.

If you've got any Halloween song suggestions, drop 'em in the comments. I may just add them.