Kaze Fujii gets that Google Pixel 6 money with "Mo-Eh-Yo"

Kaze Fujii gets that Google Pixel 6 money with "Mo-Eh-Yo" | Random J Pop

When Kaze surprised released his digital single "Mo Eh Yo" I did wonder why we never got a music video. But it turns out that Google's new phone the Pixel 6 is the reason why, as Kaze is a brand ambassador for the phone and "Mo Eh Yo" was shot on the Pixel 6, which only released a couple of weeks ago. (Side Note: I bought a Pixel 6, and it really is a great phone).

As cool as this video is, when you know it was shot on a phone, it looks like it was shot on a phone because of the quality. No matter how advanced phones get, they'll never match the quality of cameras. This video highlights the conditions under which the Pixel 6 thrives and those that...in which it doesn't thrive so much. The day time shots look okay, if a little saturated. The dance scenes in warm lighting lack detail and high fidelity. Where-as the low light shots underwater and the dance shots at night with colder lighting look crisp and sharp. The video still looks great. But I'm not gonna lie. I do wish this was shot on an actual camera.

The music video was directed Seki Kazuaki who Perfume fans will be familiar with. And this is one of his better videos in quite some time, which is probably in part due to Kaze and his team having a clearer idea of what he wants from his music videos than Perfume do.

Despite only being in the music game for a short while, Kaze has a clear visual identity in his music videos which has been evident and consistent since "Nan-Nah". Kaze will always give us hair, a nice ass coat and maybe some dancing.

Kaze also features in the Japanese commercial for the Pixel 6, which features the song "Mo Eh Yo", and acts as an extenion of the music video.

Kaze getting that Google Pixel money is great. But Google not using Perfume's "Android&" too was a missed opportunity.

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