Music video: Kenshi Yonezu gets an Ultraman cheque, for his song “M87”

Kenshi Yonezu gets an Ultraman cheque, for his song “M87” | Random J Pop

There’s a new Ultraman film releasing in May, and Kenshi Yonezu has been given a cheque to sing the main theme song of it. Fresh off the back of releasing “Pop Song” which saw him receive a cheque from PlayStation.

Teruzane Utada would be proud. We know he lives for back-to-back tie-ins for the big shit.
“M87” is a complete 180 from “Pop Song” in every single sense. So, if you’re not a big fan of Kenshi’s uptempo affairs, then check this out. And if not for the song, then for its beautifully shot music video. Because one thing Kenshi will give you, it’s a cool-ass music video.

“M87” isn’t a style of song that Kenshi is widely known for, but it’s still a part of his repertoire. Because, Japan. We know every J-pop artist has to have a couple of ballads like this in their discography if they want that movie or TV drama coin.

“M87” is a really nice song. But the best thing about it, is that it really highlight how good a voice Kenshi has. He has a really nice tone and clarity, which slower songs such as this really highlight. It’s why I like when male acts in J-pop who release rock leaning songs sing ballads, because the vocals stand out. Versus typical, lavish J-ballads from most female acts, where it’s the melody and the song arrangements which tend to stand out most.

This song has reminded me that I need to get back to watching the Ultraman series on Netflix. I started it. And I liked it. But then it got real depressing REAL fast, and I stopped watching it. I think that was around the time I started binging The CW’s The Flash.

Don’t ask.

The new Ultraman movie actually looks good. But it stars Masami Nagasawa, so I’ll probably never watch it. I just find her difficult to watch. Every character she plays annoys me. The film does star Hidetoshi Nishijima though, who is nice to look at, and is more of a familiar face now outside of Japan, thanks to his role in the Oscar winning Drive My Car. Although I can’t imagine every fan of that film would flock to see an Ultraman movie. If you do want a good Hidetoshi Nishijima fix though, check out Kinou Nani Tabeta; a light hearted J-drama in which he plays a semi-closeted gay.