Kelela lets the Raven remix album cat out of the COS bag

A shot of Kelela for COS’ Autumn Winter 2023 campaign.

As I post this, Kelela is in the midst of her Rave:n tour. And she is also one of the faces of COS’ Autumn Winter 2023 campaign.

For those who don’t know, COS is a clothing brand which is part of the H&M group. Their clothing range is much smaller than H&M, but the quality is much better, hence the higher price points. If I had to summarise COS, I’d say it’s like a more fashion led Uniqlo. Lots of basics, but with sharper, more fashionable cuts, fits and design details. So if you’re somebody who has tended to shop at Uniqlo when they’ve done collaborations with the likes of Lemaire (Uniqlo x Lemaire and Uniqlo U) and Jil Sander (+J), then COS is for you. And if you’re somebody who’s into Theory, then COS is also for you. And oddly enough the company that owns Uniqlo also owns Theory. So, there ya go.

COS get me with the sweats. They always do nice sweat tops for men in cool cuts and fits.


Kelela is one of the faces of COS, and it makes sense. Not only has Kelela really blossomed into being a fashion darling for much of the promotional run of her second studio album, Raven - but the brands she’s aligned herself with all have a very set style and tone, which COS sits with: Ferragamo, Courrèges, Ann Demeulemeester to name a couple.

Kelela features in COS’ campaign video, which features a piece of music that I initially thought was something new from Kelela. And given what she mentions in the interview she did with COS, I wonder if it might be...

It’s just great to see Kelela get a bag, and a global one at that. So you might see her face pop up in store windows and in store displays over the course of September, if she’s not in all those bitches already.

Kelela did an interview with COS which was titled ‘Power in Vulnerability’. She spoke about matters of her heart, how she approaches her music and dealing with fear. But the real tea is that she is working on a remix album for Raven.

Now. We know Kelela likes to take her time. So who knows when we will get this album. She could even decide ‘’ and scrap the whole thing. But the prospect of a remix album for Raven is exciting, especially after how amazing TAKE ME A_PART, THE REMIXES was. And I’m really intrigued at how Kelela and the team she assembles will approach the songs which are already club ready as they are. Either way, I am hyped to know this is something on the horizon.