Random J Playlist: Black Country

A pink iPhone set in a pink boom box. With the screen displaying the ‘Black Country’ playlist by Random J on Spotify.

Yeehawyoncé is turning a lot of fans’ attentions to not just country music, but country music from Black artists. And members of the beyhive who have always been about country finally feeling seen and that their moment is now. The ballroom cigarettes got their moment with Renaissance. Now the rodeo cigarettes in them fuckin’ cowgirl boots are gonna get theirs.

So, now felt as good a time as any to make a Black Country playlist. Black folk have had a presence in country since the beginning of time. Just as we’d seen with house music; country its a genre of music originated by Black folk, which white people became the faces of once it went mainstream.

And whilst the country charts and the scene at large will have you believe that the RGB (255, 255, 255) folk are the only ones making music, there are a host of Black country artists releasing some really good music, and this has been the case for years. And even on TV — Apple released a reality talent show in 2023 about finding the next country star, which featured Jimmie Allen and Mickey Guyton as coaches and judges. Mickey Guyton being the first Black woman to be nominated for a Grammy in a Country category. (I reviewed Mickey’s single “Black Like Me” back in 2020. Great song. Go check it out.) And Jimmie Allen being the first Black solo performer to win New Male Artist of the Year at the 2021 CMA Awards. So, we’ve been out here.

This playlist features songs that I’m sure some would deem ‘liberties’. Such as Brandy’s “Camouflage”, which is country TO ME. And Kelly Rowland’s “Train On a Track”, which is also country TO ME.

And needless to say, the playlist also features Roodeoncé’s “Daddy Lessons”, “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages” which should be country to everybody.

Hopefully you’ll find some artists and songs here that you like and become fans of. Not to play favourites and side-line any of the talent and songs in this playlist, because I like all of the songs featured. (I don’t be selecting just anything and anybody). But, Brittney Spencer tho? Yes bitch.

🔊 Give it a lil’ streamy-stream: Black Country (available on )