Hikaru Utada, their Science Fiction song “Electricity” and their Madame Web telescope—all star in a TV commercial

A screenshot of Hikaru Utada from an Itochu TV commercial. The shot features Hikaru with a telescope, as their son is stood beside them.

Because Teruzane don’t play no games when it comes to his child’s income, the third and final all new song on Science Fiction “Electricity” is a tie-in with Itochu, who are a general trading company. And we get to hear part of the song in a TV commercial, which stars Hikaru Utada and a Madame Web telescope. A commercial which does a pretty good job of showing what Itochi is.

Kind of.

The kid in this commercial could be some random child actor, but it’s more-than-likely The Artist’s Son—who has had an increasing presence in what Hikaru Utada’s put out ever since “One Last Kiss”. It’s really beautiful to see. I imagine that he’s now at that age where he has an understanding of what his mother actually does and who they are beyond just being his mother. And despite Hikaru’s insistence to shield him from the public, they’re probably happy to see him taking an interest in what they do and that he wants to be a part of it. Hikaru Utada living in the U.K. probably plays a huge part in the both of them managing to have as much of a ‘normal life’ as is possible given Hikaru’s career.


As for the song, that chorus is jarring as hell. A chorus like that either needed vocals arranged around it, or for the main-line vocals to have effects put on them and be edited in a way to make it sound like a record is skipping and not just Hikaru singing the repetitions of the syllables. Think Britney Spears’ “I Wanna Go”. But the verses, from what we hear in the commercial, sound nice. I like the vibe of the song. It sounds like it’s pulling in from across Hikaru’s discography. There’s a bit of Deep River, a dash of Exodus, a splash of Ultra Blue, a pinch of Heart Station and a sprinkle of Bad Mode (I get “Find Love” vibes). S,o I’m looking forward to hearing the whole thing. If “Gold ~Mata au hi Made~” and “Nani Iro Demo Nai Hana” are anything to go by, this song will probably feature some sort of switch mid-way through.

“Electricity” features on Hikaru Utada’s Greatest Hits / Best album Science Fiction, which releases on 10 April. The album will features re-masters of Hikaru’s earlier material and re-recordings of “Addicted To You”, “Traveling” and her popular Kingdom Hearts song “Hikari”.