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The Korean pop starlet BoA stays on her grind, releasing garbage. I used to have high hopes for BoA, but they've fallen like hard times. The only thing vivid about her Vivid offering is how blatantly bad it is. A single release which consists of 3 singles should be a happy affair for BoA fans: Wrong!

Vivid starts off with the song "Kissing you", which is boring. As has been a trend for BoA's music over the course of her past 3 albums, the song tries to mix in too many elements. From the jingle bells, to the pizz strings, pitch wheeled strings and the synths - it's too much and the end result sounds like a bastard hybrid of a Pop record, an R&B record, a contender for a Christmas song and a theme to a Mario Kart racing course. Not good.

"Sparkling" sounds like a alternate version of "Beautiful flowers" from her The face album. It's the kind of song that is nice on a first, second and third listen - but you couldn't listen to it on repeat over a long period of time and you'd get sick of it quickly. The production is solid. But BoA sings over the beat as though she's fed up and would rather just piss of home and go to bed.

"Joyful smile" takes every popular R&B sound and throws them into one song. From the Ne-Yo "So sick" harps, to the "Sexy love" drums and the Usher "U got it bad" harpsichords, with some synths thrown in too - just to let listeners know that the producer is up on popular R&B. Sonically the song is too much. And just when you think it can't be laid on any thicker, we get a Christmas style bridge section with acoustic guitars and bells. The only saving grace is that BoA's vocals are pitch perfect, but her delivery is so lifeless that it doesn't colour the song, or even sell it. It's four minutes of auto pilot blandness. The robot queen of Pop that is Madonna would be proud and shaking her skeletal legs with glee.

The only thing Vivid showcases is how dated BoA is and how much she needs to switch up her sound. She had said in an interview that she doesn't find her career fun any more, which her music clearly shows. She's boring and no amount of looking fine and p***y poppin' in her music videos can disguise how monotonous and lacklustre her music has become over the past 4 years. Vivid is only worth buying if you're a hardcore BoA fan. But frankly, if you own The face, it's not worth the purchase - as there are songs on The face which sound both similar and better than the ones on this single release. BoA really needs to step her game up in a big way.


  1. Haha! Your reviews always perk me up.

    I'm interested into what you think about her up coming English single; "Eat You Up", both the song and the music video.

    That would be a fun read!


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