Britney shooting the music video for "Womanizer"

Britney Spears on the set of her 'Womanizer' music video Britney Spears on the set of her 'Womanizer' music video
These shots of Britney sporting a Pulp fiction - Mia Wallace-esque look are from the set of her "Womanizer" music video! No ideas as to what the video is gonna look like as this shot doesn't reveal much. One thing we do know however is that Joseph Khan is helming the music video. He was the man behind Britney's "Stronger" and "Toxic" videos; both of which were hot. So I think Britney's in good hands. We can be certain this video won't look like it was filmed on a camera phone by somebody's grandmother with a shaky hand like "Gimme more" was - that's for sure.

Britney's stylist was wrong for not hooking up Britney with a manicure though. How they gonna give her a slick wig, cocktail dress and heels and not do the bitches nails?!

Britney's brand new single is set to premiere later today! The song has a lot to live up to, because her last comeback single "Gimme more" was CRACK and I stay playing that song to this day, loving it no less than the day I first heard and fell in love with it.


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