Beyoncé behind the scenes

Just to let the world know that Beyoncé is back to shut the whole damn game down, a promotional video has been released which shows off exclusive behind the scenes footage of Beyoncé recording in the studio and on the set of her forthcoming music videos. In case you wonder who the white woman is at the start; she works at Columbia records. Mathew Knowles was too busy wiring money from Beyoncé's account to introduce his daughter, Tina was too busy sewing overpriced garbage she calls Deréon and Solange, Kelly and Michelle were "working on solo projects", which is code for being too proud to introduce a video dedicated to the one woman who is the sole reason why they'll never have long lasting solo careers and haven't been able to sell 1 million copies of an album between them.

I'm not a big fan of "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)", but the video looks like it's going to be hot! That choreography was looking killer. The dude who was dancing with Beyoncé was going ALL out. Also notice how Beyoncé was rehearsing up in a 2 inch-heels too. Don't no other bitches in the game hit dance studios in heels but Beyoncé. I also didn't realize how on point Beyoncé is with remembering steps. She had those moves locked down!!

Beyoncé will probably perform "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)" at the MTV EMA's and sing the whole song live whilst doing that dance routine HARD with the longest and curliest weave, the highgest heels, whilst having an atomic powered wind machine blowing directly in her face. Just to show bitches she ain't no average chick, she'll probably deliberately throw her self down a flight of steps, get up and continue thrasing her weave, dancing and singing with an unwavered voice whilst her dislocated arm dangles and her knee bleeds - just to show bitches she can.

There's no point in even trying to dispute Beyoncé's swagger, because she has it in SPADES! Bitches like The Forehead needs to sit they arses DOWN! Brandy's gonna wish her album got pushed back into 2009. Beyoncé's gotten more promotional blitz in the space of 12 hours than Brandy's had in 8 years.

Beyoncé's in her own lane. The bitch is gonna live forever. She won't ever die. She won't allow it.


  1. Is it true there are only 10 tracks on her album? That's not a lot in this day and age, especially considering we've already heard two of them.

  2. Lots of albums over the past few years have only featured 10 - 13 tracks, with 2 of those 13 being bonus tracks. It seems like some form of standard these days with a lot of albums, I'm not 100% sure why that is.

    There are of course exceptions, but most albums now a days feature less tracks than they did before. Even rap and hip-hop albums that used to be 18 to 20 track affairs have cut down track listings.

    It does suck though. Especially considering that fans really want more than just 8 un-heard tracks from Beyonce. But her last album B'Day only had 10 tracks and a couple of bonus tracks, so fans shouldn't be too surprised her next album will have the same.

  3. Well there are times when there are too many tracks on an album. Michael Jackson's Invincible is a perfect example of this. Had he cut at least 2 songs from that album, (*thinks of that damned "Lost Children" BS*), I think it would've been better.

    If the album has only 10 tracks, and every track is great, then there's no problem. Usually albums with a shit load of songs on it have a lot of filler.


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