BoA set to "Eat you up"

BoA's US debut promo imageKorean pop star BoA is set to release an English language album titled Look who's talking and its lead single will be "Eat you up" produced by popular and in-demand production duo Bloodshy & Avant. Having heard how Crystal did the damn thing with Bloodshy & Avant on her album and that EVERYBODY who heard that song thought it was the shit - BoA's people thought they'd better give Bloodshy & Avant a call.

Take a sneaky listen: BoA - Eat you up (snippet)

Look who's talking
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I like the song, but it's not miles away from what BoA has done before. The only difference is that this track doesn't sound as contrived as some of BoA's Korean and Japanese comparisons, due to the song being produced by the producers who cultivated the sound that she was trying to mimic on past albums. Also, "Eat you up" is not as hot as the English language track Bloodshy & Avant did for Japanese Pop and R&B singer Crystal Kay: "It's a crime". I'm pissed that Crystal's people didn't push that song and release her album Color change! on the US iTunes, because that album definitely would've got some downloads if it were. Plus, "It's a crime" is just CRACK! The song is fire and definitely would've gotten love in the west if her people had released it.

Clips of her music video for "Eat you up" have also been released, both of which you can peep after the jump.

BoA - Eat you up (Music video: version A)

BoA - Eat you up (Music video: version B)

Version A will be the video western audiences will get, whilst version B will be what eastern audiences will get. I think version B should be the sole video which gets released worldwide. Based on the clip it looks much better than Version A, even if it did remind me a lot of something Michael Jackson would do. (It reminded me a little of Ghosts). Version A looks like some small budget bullshit. It almost comes off at though BoA's trying too hard to be 'Urban' (whatever that means any more!) The moves she was pulling off did not look as natural and as fluid as the choreography in version B. She also must've picked the 2 most thugged out looking n***a's at the dance auditions to dance with her.

"Eat U up" isn't brilliant, but it is a good song that I'll look forward to hearing in full. BoA's image in the music videos is pretty on point - looking like a Korean Aaliyah. And her people will probably put her in the studio with some hot producers or at least have high profile producers handle the singles. She's certainly being rolled out better than Hikaru Utada was a few years back with her album Exodus and she's already steps ahead of fellow Korean set to debut in the U.S: Se7en. But she could still bomb and join a list of Asian recording artists who've tried to crack the West and failed. Plus, if BoA's album drops between now and the end of the year, she's screwed. She'll be contending with the likes of Pink, Beyoncé, Britney Spears and Ciara. - all of whom will eat her up in sales.


  1. I pretty much agree, the song is catchy but nothing special.

    At first I thought both clips were just different parts of the same music vid, then when I heard that version B was only for Eastern fans, I was disappointed. Version B is much stronger than Version A.

    Btw; in case you wanted to know, you can hear the full version on youtube (it's been leaked).


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